A Shortcut To Happiness

By Roger Hall
March 10, 2015 to March 21, 2015
Producer Phoebe Falconer
Director Lindsay Nash
Christine Nash Advertising
Taimi Allan Advertising
Marian Allen Assistant Producer
Michael Allen Assistant Producer
Angie Rutland-Wood Assistant Set Graphics
Michael Allen Billboards
Bryan Moore Billboards
Susanne Dell Choreographer
Marian Allen Front Of House
Duncan Milne Lighting Designer
Samantha Carruthers Lighting Operator
Patricia Evans Lighting Operator
Rachel Rust Lighting Operator
Dayna Cashmoor Makeup and dresser
Rachel Watkinson Opening Night Manager
Pania Williamson PA to Director
Mac McIver Photography and Programme
Malcolm Dale Poster Design
Pania Williamson Props Acquisition
Marie Elmes Props Assistant
Richard McFadgen Props Manager
Christine Nash Publicity
Tony Dunn Set Construction
Mark Watson Set Design
Malcolm Dale Set Design
Liz Watkinson Set Design
Lindsay Nash Set Design
Malcolm Dale Set Graphics
Bryan Moore Set Painitng
Malcolm Dale Set Painitng
Rosemary Moore Set Painting
Lynette Leggett Singing Tutor
Taimi Allan Social Media
Teena Speedy Social Media
Phoebe Falconer Social Media
Paul Kershaw Sound Design
Patricia Evans Sound Operator
Sabrina Ou Stage Manager
Jamie Catton Stage Manager
Mel Oberholzer Stage Manager
Graeme Heap Stage Manager
Marian Allen Wardrobe
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