Abelard + Heloise

By Ronald Millar
September 15, 2015 to September 26, 2015

The nine hundred year old love affair between Abelard, the 12th century philosopher and theologian and his student Heloise continues to inspire and move us.

A powerful cautionary tale for our time screaming to us from across the centuries to reason and to question!

Director Liz Watkinson
Producer Janet Coates
Support Georgie Monro
Jerome Scott Peter Abelard
Phoebe Richter Heloise
Jos Evans Alain / Monk
Bryan Moore Alberic / Monk / Thug
Gillian Payne Bel Alys / Nun
Ian Harvey Fulbert
John Way Gilles
Ranitea Petard Gisella / Bel Alys
Chris Wood Guilbert
Gabriel Watkinson Jehan / Phillipe / Monk
Lily Kwidor Mariella / Novice Nun
Malcolm Dale Robert
Georgie Monro Sister Godric / Gerard
Karen Soulje Sister Laura / Denise / Thug
Rosemary Moore The Abbess
Jane Ferguson Assistant Producer
Bryan Moore Billboards
Tony Dunn Billboards
Patricia Klouwens Costumes
Lynn Cottingham Costumes
Rachel Watkinson Front Of House
Marian Allen Front Of House
Duncan Milne Lighting Designer
Samantha Carruthers Lighting Operator
Josh Rust Lighting Operator
Leny Woolsey Musical Director
Rachel Watkinson PA
Mac McIver Photography
Malcolm Dale Poster Design
Mac McIver Programme
Rachel Watkinson Prompt
Janet Coates Props
Jane Burrage Props
Barbara Butland Props Mentor
Phoebe Falconer Publicity
Bill Ellis Set Building
Karl Kwidor Set Building
Tony Dunn Set Building
Rachel Watkinson Set Painting
Jerome Scott Set Painting
Georgina Scott Set Painting
Lydia Scott Set Painting
Liz Watkinson Set Painting
Keith Towl Sound Design
Mark Towl Sound Operator
Malcolm Dale Special Effects
Liz Watkinson Stage Design
Rachel Watkinson Stage Manager
Annie Franklin Stage Manager
Mark Allen Stage Manager
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