By David Williamson
August 22, 2017 to September 02, 2017

A smart, funny bittersweet Australian play about surrogate parenthood, and the complications that follow when the two women involved are sisters.

The play is set in Sydney and covers a period of some 20 years from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. The six characters are played by several faces familiar at Titirangi Theatre (Francene McIlroy, Sue Golding, Ella Bernstone), and several new ones (Rachel Bock, Ashton Brown, Zac Clarke). Rachel trained and performed in theatre in Sydney, Zac performed in Brisbane, and more recently in Auckland, and Ashton is a home-grown product, trained in acting at Unitec and now a teacher of drama.

Designed to keep the audience very much off-balance, the play is a beautifully-written and compelling drama, with strong comedic elements, and impelled by strong socio/political comment.

At the play’s outset Helen discovers she is sterile. In an act of off-the-cuff generosity, Claudia offers to bear an IVF child on Helen’s behalf, with Mark as the father. Inevitably, human emotions (especially around parenthood) are unpredictable and complications ensue.

Originally a professional actor from way back, Sian Davis, the play’s director, has had wide experience in directing throughout Auckland’s community theatres, from the North Shore to Howick. Her previous production at Titirangi, several years back, was of Roger Hall's play Who Wants to be 100?, staged in Portage Road.

Always appreciative of a real challenge, Sian embraces the chance to engage with this intelligent and multilayered play.

Director Sian Davis
Francene McIlroy Helen Deakin
Rachel Bock Claudia McAdam
Ashton Brown Martin
Zac Clarke Mark
Sue Golding Margaret McAdam
Ella Bernstone Kelly
Sian Davis Director
Chris Lane Producer
Richard McFadgen P.A to the Director
David Rhodes Stage Manager
Barbara Butland Props Manager
Lynn Cottingham Wardrobe
Malcolm Dale Set Build
Sian Davis Set Design
Josh Rust Lighting Design
Robin Lane Sound Design
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