By Tom Stoppard
June 02, 2015 to June 13, 2015

It's the bittersweet story of three WW1 comrades cooped up in a country home for veterans. They bicker, banter and reminisce while hatching a plan to escape to Indochina. Or maybe just as far as the poplars at the top of the hill, taking the dog statue along with them.

Both funny and sad, this award winning play provides eighty minutes of brilliant theatre.

Producer Rosemary Moore
Director Christine Nash
Director Christine Nash
Richard McFadgen Assistant Stage Manager
Tony Dunn Billboards
Bryan Moore Billboards
Lynn Cottingham Costumes
Jane Burrage Director's Assistant
Marian Allen Front Of House
Lindsay Nash Lighting Designer
Duncan Milne Lighting Operator
Josh Rust Lighting Operator
Rachel Rust Lighting Operator
Samantha Carruthers Lighting Operator
Sonia McLean Lighting Operator
Mac McIver Photography
Christine Nash Poster Design
Malcolm Dale Poster Design
Mac McIver Programme
Barbara Butland Props Manager
Tony Dunn Set Construction
Bryan Moore Set Construction
Bill Ellis Set Construction
Ivan Berry Set Construction
Malcolm Dale Set Design
Christine Nash Set Design
Liz Watkinson Set Design
Barbara Butland Set Painting
Liz Watkinson Set Painting
Bryan Moore Set Painting
Rosemary Moore Set Painting
Phoebe Falconer Stage Manager
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