History of the Theatre

Titirangi Theatre is located in the basement of Lopdell House and has long played an integral role in the life of the village.


It was formed in 1935 by Ethelwynn Geddes and was part of the Country Women's Institute based in the MacAndrew Hall on Titirangi Road.  Called "The Drama Circle", it consisted only of women until about 1951, when gradually as productions became more ambitious, men were drawn in as well.  It soon built up a reputation in Auckland as an excellent amateur theatre which has been maintained right up to the present day.

The name was changed to Titirangi Drama and in 1982 the club moved to the Titirangi Beach Hall, sharing the space with the Folk Music Club. This however was not ideal as many prospective audiences did not enjoy the thought of driving down the long, very windy, bush-lined road to the hall, especially on a wet winter's night.  When the Waitemata City Council decided to buy Lopdell House from the Education Board for use as an Arts and Cultural Centre, the Theatre President, Heather Mogridge, saw the opportunity to provide a permanent home for the theatre.  After a good deal of fund-raising and much back-breaking work, a basement garage was converted into a working theatre space, and Heather's vision became a reality.

Since then, the theatre has changed its name once more - this time to "Titirangi Theatre". Many Presidents and committees have contributed to an on-going process of refurbishment, which has resulted in the intimate and attractive place that patrons enjoy today.  Seating ninety people the theatre is often a delightful surprise for those accustomed to paying town prices for their entertainment. The theatre's programme each year caters for all tastes, from Shakespeare to contemporary and locally written plays. The theatre takes great pride in maintaining the consistently high standard of its productions.

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